Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is a valuable prototyping and production method for making robust functional parts, including panels, brackets, enclosures, and more. It is a widely used process for numerous industries and consumer parts manufacturers as well as specialized industries like automotive, aerospace, energy, and robotics.

Commitment to our customers, continuous improvement, and advanced technology differentiates Fifer and better enables us to meet our customers’ diverse fabrication requirements. Our sheet metal department is comprised of dedicated and experienced fabricators who are passionate about their work. Our strength truly lies in working as a team.

Laser Cutting Services

Our state-of–the-art precision laser cutting technology allows for endless possibilities for your cutting and etching projects. Our newest Trumpf 10kw Fiber Laser is equipped with a complete Load/Unload system for 24/7 cut capabilities. It also has a rotary axis to enable cut tubing (Rectangular, Round or Square).

Bending Services

When it comes to prototyping and production for your project, precision and accuracy are non-negotiable at Fifer. We have a variety of press brakes in our fleet, allowing for flexibility in project size and complexity.

Our newest addition is the Amada HG2204 with a 24-ton capability. Its Multi-Axis back gauge with a 14-foot bed provides the capability to multi-stage bend parts in a wide range of material types and thicknesses.

CNC punching

Our precision punches have the ability to punch multiple shaped holes and formed features up to ¼-inch thick Mild Steel. We can accommodate sheet sizes up to 5×10 feet.


Whether you need a simple weld or have a more complex project, we have the experience and equipment to get it done with precision and speed. While Fifer is an industry leader in lighter-gauge precision sheet metal, we’re also equipped to handle much heavier plate jobs.

CAD/CAM Services

Using AutoDesk software (AutoCAD & Inventor) we are always prepared to assist you with your production demands at every design stage. If you don’t have drawings, we can reverse-engineer existing components and for faster processing we can manipulate your supplied CAD files. (Acceptable formats: .dwg, .dxf, .stp, .ipt, ect.)